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This is how it works:

Active Installs is an intuitive competitor analysis tool, which will make your plugin's active installations number increase fast

Add your plugin

Search for your plugin like in a WordPress repository search engine. With one button you can add your plugin for further analysis.

Track plugin rank

You decide if you want to look at the basic indicators showing the current results or if you want to carefully analyze the charts. Each of the charts is described and explained.

Compare plugins

In the "Competitors" tab you can prepare a fast competitor analysis or focus on an individual competitor example. Stay up to date and keep an eye on the progress of the competition.

Try Active Installs

Enter the plugin slug and follow the instructions to check the increase in active installations! If we detect the last active installs step, the charts will show automatically. Otherwise, add the last known step change of active installs.

Plugin not found. Make sure the slug is correct. You can find the slug of the plugin in its URL in the WordPress repository.

Plugin name

Active Installs estimated on 2021-01-01:

History of active installs growth

The graph shows the percentage of increase in active installs in the WordPress repository. Increase of active installs are also shown in the plugin repository in the "Advanced" tab. But only the increment percentages are visible there. Here you can see how this translates into real numbers. Each point on the graph is the sum of active installs achieved during a given week.

History of active installs

The graph shows the sum of active installs in the WordPress repository. In this chart you can see how active installs of your plugin accumulate. You can check how your actions affect the number of active installs. The last point is the approximate value that the plugin should reach at the end of this week. The value may change as the data is updated daily.

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Why Active Installs?

Active Installs is a WordPress plugin competitor analysis tool, and our mission is to help you increase the popularity of your plugin in the WordPress repository.

Our app is easy to configure and intuitive. You only have to discover your plugin rank and beat your competitors with our help!

If you want to find out what is there to improve in your WordPress plugin, or what can be done even better, first you need to know your plugin rank. We will help you with that! 

With Active Installs you can track competitor or see the active installs of your plugin, check your plugin position in the WordPress repository for specific tags, plugin ratings and even threads in the support forum. Apart from that, you can compare plugins or create a competitive analysis example.

Check any time period you like (data is available for two years back) and track your active installations per month or per week - whatever you like most.

Active Installs Chart

Active Installs has an already configured dashboard, which will allow you to focus on your plugin rank growth. It will allow you to track competitor and build a market competition analysis.

Twitter notifications will help you celebrate success stories. Email notifications will inform you about weekly changes to active installs, ratings, and more.

Why not try us? We will help you with your competitor analysis and will make your active installations increase. We are eager to start working for you!


Get more active installs with Active Installs

Active installs history

Track changes to the number of active installs of your plugin. In the charts you will see a monthly and weekly summary of active installs.

Compare plugins

Easily add competitors plugins to compare tags, active install growth, tags and more. This will help you stay one step ahead of the competition

Tags position history

Track the history of a plugin position in the WordPress repository search engine using tags from yours and competing plugins. Add your own keywords.

Rating history

Build credibility with your audience. Thanks to the charts you can check the results of your experiments.

Daily downloads history

Follow the daily plugin downloads to see how many people have the latest version of your plugin.

Support threads

Proper customer service will increase their satisfaction. Measure exactly what your plugin rating is.

Version of plugin

Track when new plugin versions are released to correlate with the change in other stats.

PHP version history

Track compatibility with the appropriate PHP version to avoid a drop in active installs.

Supported WP version

Track compatibility with the appropriate version of the required and tested WordPress version.

I am the leader of the Rangers team from WP Desk. Active Installs is the result from the need to expand knowledge about our products. Thanks to the AI ​​prototype we raised the average rating in the WordPress repository, we were able to set and observe the target of the weekly increase in active installs, verify which keywords and tags bring the most profits and raise their average position. I am glad to share this tool with you as our needs are complementary.

wp desk rangers team leader

Mateusz Okła

Active Installs, WP Desk


Why do you need Active Installs?

By tracking the increase in active installs you know when your actions are paying off
By keeping your tag searches high you can reach more potential customers
By getting more feedback and a high rating you can improve the quality of the plugin
By taking care of customer support, you increase the credibility of the plugin
By tracking your competitors and their performance you can measure trends in the WordPress repository

We are part of WP Desk

WP Desk is created for all people and companies who want to use the business potential of WordPress.

Our goal is to help individuals and companies to grow the WordPress based businesses.

We do it by:

  • creating WordPress and WooCommerce plugins,
  • services like building and optimizing WooCommerce shops,
  • writing articles about doing business with WooCommerce.
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Active Installs - WordPress repository marketing tool

Our mission is to help you increase the popularity of your free plugin in the WordPress repository.

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